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Essence Girl United launched its first virtual summit and wanted to build a campaign that would reach Gen-Z and Black folx. I helped lead this project and with a team, we edited email and Instagram copies as well as provided feedback on drafted content. 

*These graphics are NOT mine. I contributed to the copy. 

TDF logo.png

The Digital Footprint LLC 

TDF is a Black-Owned Millenial lead creative agency that produces innovative content, strategy, and visuals for brands. TDF has won several awards and most recently was featured on Beyonce's Black Parade. As a Content Strategist Intern with TDF, my responsibilities included creating digital campaigns, producing graphics, brand auditing, and creating custom content for clients

Notable clients: Because of Them We Can, Men Thrive, Culture Tags, and TDF.


Extra Mumbo is a DC-based media brand dedicated to highlighting the voice and culture of our beloved "chocolate city," Washington DC. I was contracted to strategize their Instagram page to reflect the city's value and attract a young audience. I used elements unique to the city to anchor my vision for the page and drive the creative direction of the potential post.  

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