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Big Fish: Sink or Swim is a podcast co-hosted by Maia and myself, where we discuss the topics that plague Black women in their early 20's. The topics range from dating in your 20's to landing your dream job.


As two recent college graduates, we call ourselves Big Fish, like the verse in Meek Mill's "Going Bad" B*tch I graduated call me 'Big Fish.'  Our mantra is "taboos don't exist here Black women do." 

As co-host and content strategist, I plan and create content like audiograms to tease episodes, custom illustrations, and infographics to increase engagement and followers. The content is all planned through Creator Studio for efficiency and to track performance for Big Fish. 

Check the link below to listen! 


Big Fish launched on August 11, 2020, on Instagram receiving over 100 followers in less than a week and over 150 listens within the first week of releasing Episode 101: "Big Mad." This ultimately led to a sponsorship within the first month of Big Fish's launch.

Quick Stats 

200+ Followers on Instagram 

150+ listens per episode release

Meet Big Fish Co-hosts


Podcast Available on:

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Insights of Big Fish: Sink or Swim

Spotifiy holds our largest amount of streams with 57% of total listens and  Apple Podcast comes in second with 29% of listens.

Shown above are the listening platforms and locations of our listeners.


Demographic of our Listeners

 72% of our listeners are females and over 80% of our listeners are between the ages of 18-27 a mix of Gen-Z and millennials. 


Follower Breakdown

This is Big Fish's growth in seven days after launching August 11, 2020. As seen, we gained 16 followers in 7 days. Meaning that, despite the momentum of the initial launch Big Fish continues to gain followers weeks after launching.  


 Instagram demographic

68% of our followers are between the ages of 18-24 and 84% of our followers are women. 

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